"MidSchoolMath was the Bomb!".
"I learned, I shared, I became a better math teacher."

- Javier Sebastian Arellano, Teacher, Ojo Caliente Elementary

"I am reminded of why I love to teach and have been inspired to do great work."

- Alyssa Gallagher, 5th Grade Teacher, Chamiza Elementary School

"Come for learning, sharing and refreshing"

- Lynette Jenkins, Math Teacher, Pleasant Hill Middle School

"The 2014 Santa Fe middle school Math Conference was inspiring and motivational! To instill in America's Students a sense of confidence and self-discovery in the Art of Wonderment and curiosity is huge to The success of every student in Public Schools on American Soil deserves the best and brightest opportunities in the educational learning in years!"

- Normajean Oleary, RTI Teacher, Mesa Middle School

"A conference that allows for sharing and developing new teaching strategies is always a welcome endeavor. This was one of those."

- Mitch C., Math Teacher, Magdalena Middle School

"MidSchoolMath gave me the motivation to continue loving math!"

- Brandi Webster, 6th Grade Math Teacher, Wilcox Middle School

"MidSchoolMath National Conference 2014 made me hunger for more! I found out that the more I attend and participate in conferences like this, the more I see myself in need for continuous professional updating and upgrading in order to become a more effective teacher! Indeed, once you are a teacher, you will always be a student!"

- Fe Poblete-Quiambao, Math & Science Teacher, Navajo Middle School

"Engagement Engagement Engagement!!!!" "GOT IT"

- Paula Maxmin, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Native American Community Academy

"The 2014 MidSchoolMath National Conference held in Santa Fe, NM was fantastic! The speakers were knowledgeable, professional, and accessible. I was able to take quite a few techniques and strategies back to the classroom immediately. My only disappointment was that I could not attend all of the breakout sessions. See you next year!"

- Alice Brazeau, Secondary Lead Teacher, Arickaree School

"A refreshing Middle School Math Party!"

- Nathaniel Evans, Math & Science Teacher, Los Alamos Middle School

"The MidSchoolMath Conference provided me with affirmation of what my school is doing in math instruction with the CCSS. I have new tools to bring back and share with my department and a sense of support from many different experts in the field."

- Mary Ann Collins, Instructional Coach, Eastbrook Middle School

"The MidSchoolMath presenters, as a group, have more passion for their topics than most conferences I've been to, which accounted for the sessions being more inspiring."

- Jeff Davis, Teacher, Turquoise Trail Charter School

"One of the most organized and useful conferences I have ever attended. Attending this conference was effortless and the knowledge I gained can be used to improve my teaching practice today."

- Margaret Lewis, Science Teacher, Memorial Middle School

"If you attend one math conference this year go to MidSchoolMath, it will change the way you think about teaching math forever."

- Cydelia Chavez, Math Instructor, Nuestros Valores Charter High School


- Martha Eaves, Instructional Coach, Eastbrook Middle School

"At most conferences you come home with new lessons to try in the classroom. After this conference I have new ideas about how to approach everything I do with students and within my own practice."

- Amy Chase, Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, Mountain Mahogany Community School

"The conference allowed me to connect with other professionals in math education and provided me the opportunity to strategize ways to improve my math classroom."

- Eric Hufford, Teacher, Academy for Technology and the Classics

"Thank you to MidSchoolMath and the Santa Fe community of learners as you should be proud of the potential in modern mathematics instruction that you have unleashed upon this years conference cohort. 'Teaching is an art', too - create it!"

- Robert Lindsay, Principal, French Ford Middle School, Winnemucca, Nevada

"MidSchoolMath was an awesome resource to strengthen my teaching practice through interaction and collaboration with peers. I also gained many strategies to implement in the classroom to strengthen students mathematical fluency."

- Sarah Walker, 1st Grade Teacher, Yucca Elementary School

"I can't wait to see the kids eat this up."

– Susan Clark, Math Teacher, De Vargas Middle School

"This conference provided a long awaited and desperately needed approach, and support, to engage students in active learning and preparation for real world problem solving skills and strategies."

- Veronica Sandoval, 5th Grade Teacher, Edward Gonzales Elementary School

"The MidSchoolMath Conference established a unique and new way of visualizing and thinking of how math curriculum should be expressed to students and help make the change toward closing the gap and extending student success."

- Megan Harbaugh, Teacher, John Adams Middle School

"Bringing my STEM team to the MidSchoolMath National Conference inspired us to shift into high gear as we continue to 'champion' our STEM initiative."

- Alma Ripley, Assistant Principal, Carlos Rey Elementary School, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"This is a must see, must do learning opportunity for all content area and elective teachers and should not be limited to just STEM and STEAM teachers."

- Christine Penfold, Teacher, Media Arts Collaborative Charter School

"I am building an intervention program and a lot of what I learned at the conference will help me bring life and excitement to the program."

- Emily P., Middle School Math Interventionist, The Pinnacle Charter School

"There is now a reason for everyone to

Love Math,

students, parents, and teacher's alike."

- Jeff Pinkerton, 5th Grade Teacher, Tesuque Elementary

"This conference created incredible energy and creativity in me. I can't wait to apply what I've learned in my classroom!"

- Debbie Rider, Teacher, Double Eagle Elementary School

"At the MidSchoolMath conference you will not only get invaluable amounts of information for the students in the classroom, but also information on skills that can be used in your own everyday life."

- C. Hannamann, Teacher, James Monroe Middle School

"This experience was invigorating, refreshing and came at the right time of the year to keep the motivation going through the end of the year."

- Vanessa Padilla, Teacher, Sonoma Elementary

"I gained insights into new captivating ways to teach math that require students to think on much deeper levels than any text book."

- Jennifer Adams, Math Teacher, Public Academy for Performing Arts

"A great learning experience,
I'm feeling motivated to teach again!"

- Amanda S, Teacher, School of Dreams Academy

Elementary Instructional Coach gained insight at a MidSchoolMath National Conference
...what a concept!

- Marqui Thomas, Teacher, Carlos Rey Elementary School

I learned how to engage my students in mathematical concepts at a deeper level among colleagues with a shared goal.

- Ceri Keith, Math Teacher, Francis Parker School